South Korea- Must visit places of Busan!!!

If you are planning a trip to South Korea, then visiting Busan is highly recommended. Its port city of South Korea,  known for its beaches and temples. Most popular time to visit is spring(March-April). The autumn(September-November) is also good time to visit.

You can fly direct to Busan or take a high speed KTX train from Seoul train station(from airport go to Seoul station) or take a bus from Incheon Airport, Seoul.

Top 5 Best Places to visit in Busan

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

One of the most stunning Buddhist temple in South Korea built in 1736. Famous for its picturesque seaside location.

Cliff view of the temple
Temple view from the cliff
Oversized golden statue of Podae-hwasang, the Future Buddha

Best time to visit is early morning, enjoy beautiful sunrise in a spiritual and serene environment.

Take 108 stairs to get a perfect view

Take photos or selfie beside the giant golden Mireuk-bul

Taejongdae Nature Park

It is natural park with magnificent giant cliffs facing the sea.

Iconic “Light Beyond Limitation” statue. Blue ring symbolise Ocean and Sky, red the Earth, and the silver point for light casting from the Lighthouse
The Famous Yeongdo Lighthouse

Get mesmerised by sound of waves crashing the cliffs. Hop on colourful, cute Danubi Train(which means “admiring the scenery” in Korean). The train will take you to  three of the parks best sights- the observation deck, the lighthouse and the Taejongsa Temple.

Colourful “Danubi Train”

You can go even down all the way to the seashore through stairs. Climbing back is uphill task not for faint hearted 🙂

View from backside of Yeongdo Lighthouse, Busan city visible in background

Songdo Skywalk

365 meters long glass bottom skywalk extending from Songdo Beach area, hanging on top of the Turtle Island.

View from the Skywalk
Skywalk- Blue water below. Not for faint hearted.

Enjoy magnificent view around the beach with small lighthouse. Perfect for leisure walk along side the coastal trail and water side.

Mermaid with snake tail

Turtle of Turtle Island

Never to miss photo points

Gamcheon Culture Village

Picturesque attraction featuring a village of small colourful houses, painted murals, shops & cafes.

Welcome to Gamcheon Cultural Village
Picture perfect vibrant and colourful view of village from top

This place is one of the most Instagram spot in South Korea.

The most Instagram spot of Busan. Never to be missed.
Ice Cream with perfect view

Anyone who is interested in the arts, photography, vibrant and one-of-a-kind attractions that will literally make you fall in love with the place.

Popular photo spot with two little cute friends 

Haeundae Beach

South Korea’s most famous and popular beach. The white sand beach is around 1.5 km long. Being a popular tourist attraction , it is always bustling with life.

Fall in love with the waves

Beach hosts lot of activities, swim in its azure waters, surf along the ocean’s waves, savor the cool breeze, try different restaurants found nearby and many more.

Perfect evening with perfect food
A walk through the bustling street

Explore beautiful port city Busan. Watch video

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