Philippines- Moalboal Island must things to do!!!

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful archipelago in the world. Famous for its beautiful beaches, mountains and rainforest.

Then why not embark on a journey and take a trip to one such island of Philippines “Moalboal Island- The Hidden Gem”.

To reach Moalboal fly to Cebu City Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Located around 2 hours drive from the city. You can travel to Moalboal via a private hire cab or by bus.

Beautiful sunset to live for 

Moalboal is the ultimate place for adventures and base to reach other places in Cebu. Known for one of the best waterfalls, hikes, snorkelling with magical sardines and turtles.

Where to stay

There are tons of hostels, hotels, and home-stays. The place also boosts good night life and decent food options.

Area around Panagsama Beach in Basdiot is the best area to stay. I stayed in Bonita Oasis Resort .

Beautiful Panagsama Beach

The property is quite good and budget friendly. It has a swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi, which I really loved.

Swim in Infinity Pool
Relax with a serene and calm view

Things to do

Dive with Whale Shark

Oslob is situated 100 Kilometres away from Moalboal. The place is famous for swimming with Whale Sharks. Boatmen feed the sharks with shrimps, luring them to the boats for tourists to swim with. To reach Oslob start early around 3:00 am and within 2 hours you’ll reach.

Sunrise is really beautiful here, relax and calm in first ray of light of the day, and witness painted sky reflecting its magical touch with thousands of colours.

Beautiful sunrise of Oslob
Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.
“Take me where the sky touches the sea”
Every sunrise is a poem written on the earth with words of light, warmth, and love.

Before taking to the feeding site, compulsory briefing is given which includes all the dos and don’ts such as no touching of animal, swimmers are not allowed to come closer than 3 meters from a shark’s head and 4 meters of its tail and no flash photography.

Canoe all ready
Lets sail through

Feeding starts from 6 am to 1 pm every day. It is bit chaotic as well, with lots tourists thronging the place. We were taken to the site in small canoes to a shallow coral reef about 10 meters deep and 50 meters away from shore.

All set for smile 

Once you get into water you can see these gigantic creatures floating near you, which is truly unbelievable.

Glittery Whale Shark

Canoeing & Cliff jump in Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines, especially in Cebu.  From Moalboal Basdiot it is just half an hour ride.

Welcome to Kawasan Falls

Known for its turquoise blue water where you can swim around and relax. If you are adventurous you can go for cliff jumping 🙂 and embark on a bamboo raft for a ride under the waterfall 🙂

Scenic route to falls

Kawasan has 3 major falls. To reach the first one, largest of all, from entrance you have to walk uphill for about 1.5 Kilometres.

The largest of Kawasan fall

The first one is usually the most crowded. An uphill climb for 15 minutes will take you to the second falls, and then the third one.


If you are in Moalboal, Island Hopping is definitely a MUST TO DO.


Boat is all set
Lets go for Island Hopping
Epic view of the Island

Search for Corals and Nemo in Pescador Island

Tiny rocky Island, situated in the Tañon Strait, known for its corals and more than 2000 species of fishes.

Magical corals

You can also see lots of cute little Nemo 🙂 and with cobalt blue water, you’ll get to experience, once in a lifetime diving adventure by seeing many marine species, which includes the stunning corals and different colourful fishes.

Finding Nemo 🙂
Look at the sea snake 
Cute little fishes

Swim in Magical world of billions of fishes- Sardine Run

If you have been to Moalboal and you haven’t experienced Sardine Run, then definitely you have to go again. Moalboal is known for Sardine Run, a unique nature phenomena.

Magical run of billions of Sardines

It has more than a billion sardines run together, which will stun you, and while on the run these fishes create different shapes which is amazingly beautiful.

Swim with Sardines

In addition, sardine run in Moalboal can be witness all year round.

Truly Magical

This phenomena is rare and can be experienced in very few parts of the world.  Watching it was an ultra magical experience, truly from the different world.

Sea Turtle watching- Follow me to the Turtle Island

One of the other things that Moalboal offer is having a chance to discover the sea turtles.

World of Sea Turtle

And, having to see these sea turtles will make you fall in love with Moalboal even more.

Turtle swim to sea surface

It is because these sea turtles are very rare to find. If you are proficient diver you can effortlessly swim along with them.

Human and turtle swim harmoniously 🙂

During my trip, I had a close encounter with this beautiful creature. I was also lucky enough to see them swimming at the photic zone of an ocean, and just few meters below the sea surface.

Lets see who is the better swimmer 🙂

By the time you finish your Island hopping tour its already sunset. 

“Don’t forget – beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies”



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