How to make raw turmeric and garlic pickle!!!

Pickles are essential part of Indian meals. No meal is complete without a portion of pickle. They add flavour to the meal, and have lots of nutritional value too.

Singapore- Indulge yourself in delicious Mexican Delight!!!

If you are lover of Mexican Delight, MEX OUT  is the place to satiate your cravings. Churros with topped chocolate is must try…

Meri wali Maggi!!!

Maggi!!! Meri wali Maggi…My love for Maggi never dies, enjoying since I was 4 or 5 years old. Even now once a week it’s must for me… All these years, Maggi has lot of stories to relate. It’s synonym to Meri wali Maggi or Hubby wali Maggi or Hostel wali Maggi or Mummy wali Maggi…

Fried Idli with Tangy Twist!!!

Idli, Dosa, Uttapam and many more, I am big lover of South Indian Cuisine.

Mouth-Watering Kulfi Falooda!!!

The moment I hear of Kulfi Falooda, my childhood memories revives.