The Unforeseen 2020!!!

It was year of 2019 and the month of Dec,
I made my wish list for the new year,
Countries which I like to explore,
Sea which I like to sail,
Mountains which I like to climb.

With hope I entered in 2020,
Welcomed the first sunrise with vibrant eyes,
I was about to plan for the year ahead,
Suddenly the alarm bell rang in between,
The month of Jan came with a twist,
Unforeseen not foreseen by any biologists, astrologers and economists happened,
All the clairvoyance of the world failed,
From the realm of the earth came the unknown virus,
Deadlier and infectious than ever before.

The world stranded,
Economies crashed,
Flights, ships and trains docked,
Gathering, parties, outings became things of past,
Handshakes, hugs, kisses became curse,
Human struggled to survive, millions infected, hundred thousands died,
The irony of nature, we are confined to our places inside,
As we sit and peep through the window,
Hoping for the glory days back again,
Waiting for our wings to feather again,
The world outside start to heal and breathe,
The air became cleaner,
Bird chirping became merrier,
River back to its rhythm.

Mother Nature reminds,
Put your ego, selfishness behind,
Its time to relook the way you live,
Not to burn forest into ashes, not to burden sea, not to thicken air,
And, not to kill innocent creatures for greed,
Live in harmony with all my creations,
Its cycle of karma,
Every deed gets paid either good or bad.

These are the days of unprecedented times,
It will pass though, leaving lessons behind,
And, thousands of questions to seek their answers for the mankind.

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