Best ways to fight Stress!!!

We in our life, sometimes feel demotivated OR depressed OR sad OR lonely when things are not moving, the way we want. We tend to lose hope, and feel nothing is perfect. We tend to believe, world around us has crumbled…
“When life gives you a lemon, mix with salt and water and have perfect Lemonade”
Life is all about hope
. Have belief in yourself, things will soon fall into place. Life has best of days, Life has worst of days….
Here’s few of my personal advises, how to deal with the situation. This is what I generally do…
1) Go for a long walk
When you are in this situation, go for a long walk in a park or a place surrounded with greenery or go for a walk of tree trails. Nature soothes senses. Nature has it’s magical effects, it will calm you down and will induce positive well-being….

2) Go for Stargazing
This is an another therapy which I generally do. Look at the countless stars. They give you hope and motivates you to fight for my dreams. “Keep your head  always high, and reach for the brightest star”….

3) Talk to your Friend or Parents or Spouse
Call them, speak your heart out. Have a shoulder to cry. Always have someone in your life, with whom you can share your things. Who can listen to you calmly. Who is a patient listener without being judgmental….

4) Develop a hobby
Hobbies or new skill learning .They are perfect stress-buster. Take time out from your busy schedule and learn new things. This will keep you occupied in doing things, which you love to do. In turn, will keep you away from the negative thoughts….

5) Give yourself a head massage
Put some hair oil, preferably coconut, and do head massage. All tension is in head. It relieves anxiety and depression, and renews energy levels….

Finally cry your heart out. Sob, don’t stop. Emotional tears contain stress hormones which get excreted from the body through crying. Crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body’s natural pain killer and “feel-good” hormones. Crying makes you feel better, it heals the heart…
And, most important thing of life, “Never Lose Hope”….
Here’s my personal favorite Motivational Quote-  “Recall the face of poorest or weakest person, ask yourself, how much struggle they are doing. You’ll feel your stress and worries are melting away. Your hardship is nothing, compare to their hardships”……

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