Spicy Tangy Pani Puri!!!

Gol Gappe or Pani Puri or Pani Batashe and many more names.
 This is “The Favorite” dish of mine. I am loving it since my childhood days. If you are from Lucknow, then taste of Pani Puri’s can’t be compared with rest of the world. They taste ultimate. If you are visiting Lucknow, do visit Hazratganj and Aminabad to enjoy five different tastes of Pani with Pani Puri.

Since, I moved to Singapore I am missing them badly . One fine evening, I was roaming on the streets of Alexandra road, came across the restaurant Yummy Punjaby. I have heard lot about this restaurant from my friends, so thought of having dinner there. I entered the restaurant and asked waiter for menu. I was flipping the menu pages, came across Pani Puri in the list, without blinking my eye or without giving second thought I ordered it.

Here comes my Pani Puri, the presentation was really nice. The Pani was presented in small 6 shot glasses. The Puri was kept on top of the glass. I ate all 6 Puris within a minute. Pani was really tasty, with lot of spice and tangy taste. Puris was really crispy.

Pani Puri lived to the expectation!!! Definitely recommended food item, if you are visiting Singapore…

Rating: 3.5/5
Where to go:Yummy Punjaby
321 Alexandra Road, Alexandra Central Mall, #01-07, 159971


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