How to apply for South Korea Tourist Visa in Singapore!!!

If you are an Indian citizen who lives in Singapore.

Planning a vacation to South Korea, and worried about, how to apply Tourist Visa. Applying tourist visa of South Korea is so simple, easy and hassle free.

Never ever apply South Korea tourist visa through any third party, they will charge you whooping amount of around 200 dollars.

This is what you need to do for your visa application:

1. Completed visa application form and one coloured, passport-sized photo (white background). Photo Size 35×45 mm.

2. Passport with at least 6 months remainder validity and one blank “visa” page (original and copy)

3. NRIC / EP / Spass / WP / LTVP / DP/ STP (original and copy)

※ For new passes issued with QR code, you are required to use “SGWORKPASS” app to obtain the latest pass information. A CLEAR printout of the result must be submitted together with your application.

※Do ensure that the search is done within 1 week of your visa application.

4. Letter Heads

(a) For employees: Company letter stating name, passport no., job title, salary, date of hire, date of travel and purpose of travel (original and valid within 1 month of its issuance); 

※ LOC (“Letter of Consent”) issued by MOM is required to be submitted as well if the applicant is employed and holds a LTVP / LTVP+ / DP in Singapore.

(b) For self-employed:Latest ACRA biz profile printout

(c) For student: School letter stating name, passport no. and student status (original and valid within 1 month of its issuance); 

(d) For unemployed: 

(i) Spouse’s company letter, spouse’s passport (copy) and English marriage certificate (original and copy) 

(ii) Child’s company letter, child’s passport (copy) and child’s English birth certificate (original and copy)

(iii) Parent’s company letter, parent’s passport (copy) and child’s English birth certificate (original and copy)

(iv) Child’s school letter, child’s passport (copy) and child’s English birth certificate (original and copy)

(v) Sibling’s company letter, sibling’s passport (copy) and both applicant and sibling’s English birth certificate (original and copy)

5. Recent 3 months Singapore bank account statements / passbook (original and copy) / e-statements. Minimum of 4k to be maintained in monthly transactions.

 6. One copy of re-entry permit to Singapore. For Singapore PR only.

Format you can use for Company Letter- For employees

Letter has to be in Company’s Letter Head with signature from HR


The Visa Officer

Embassy of South Korea


Dear Sir/Madam,

Application of TOURIST VISA FOR Ms/Mr. ——

This is to certify the employment of the following person with our company:

Name: ——

Position: ——

Passport Number: ——

Date of Hire: ——

Monthly Basic Salary: ——

Nationality: ——

He/She will be visiting South Korea from DDMMYY to DDMMYY for vacation purpose only. He/She will be on approved paid vacation leave during the visit, and will resume his/her work after the vacation.

The above applicant will pay all necessary expenses incurred.

Should you have any queries, please get in touch with HR team contact email id)

Thanking you,

For XYZ(Company Name)

HR Signature

After completing all the documents visit South Korea embassy

Address: #16, 47 Scotts Rd, 03/04 Goldbell Towers, 228233

Visa cost is only 54 SGD

Visit between 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Visa services are till 11:30 am only. Once you enter the embassy get the queue slip. Everything is so organised and quick, my waiting time was only two minutes 🙂 Submit all the documents. You’ll receive the submission receipt. The receipt will have collection date. Generally you’ll get the visa within four days. Visit the embassy on collection date and collect your visa 🙂 🙂



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