Malaysia-Planning a short trip to Langkawi!!!

Langkawi!!! Land of beautiful Mangroves and Beaches.
My trip to this amazing panoramic Island situated in Malaysia is an experience worth penning down. A trip to remember forever!!!

Things to do for a short trip

The call of the forest
And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul

The picturesque Island was a sight to behold.  During flight landing, view mesmerized me. Clear blue sea, hills, forest, clouds. It was heavenly abode. Luckily, we landed on the day of onset of rainy season. Weather was perfect. It was paradise.

I stayed in one of the beach resort, around 4 kilometres from the Langkawi International Airport. By the time,  we reached the hotel it was already 4 pm. Arrival day was the rest day. We walked around the resort. The pristine, serene atmosphere was the perfect relaxing place for us. Amazing sea view, away from the hustle bustle of the city was soothing our senses.

If you are looking for luxury stay you can try Berjaya Langkawi Resort . Backpackers can stay in Pantai Cenang area, place has several cafes, pubs and restaurants and flea markets.

Day 1– We woke-up early in the morning around 7 am. By 9:30 am,  we were ready for our first day excursion. The first half , we planned for Mangrove tour and second half for Sky Cable Ride.

Mangrove tour

Boat tour was in Kilim Geoforest Park. Weather was just awesome, it was rainy and windy day. I thought,  it would be leisurely boat ride, but turned out be fast speed boat ride with adrenaline rush 🙂 The forest was a beautiful mix of mangroves, isolated beaches and blue lagoons.

Let’s wonder where there is no wifi 🙂
Talk a walk in the forest and smell the wild air
World of bats 🙂

We went to Bat Caves, hundreds of bats were hanging upside down, it was a scene from some Harry Potter movie series 🙂 Next, we went for Eagle Feeding, watching them in middle of the sea was amazing, it was swarm of birds which were swooping food from the water. We witnessed many wildlife species such as cute looking Macaques, Tree Crabs, Monitor Lizards. We also watched Fish Farm which was fun.

Lets hang out
Take me to the water

From, Mangrove forest we headed towards Sky ride.

Sky Cable ride

The cable car is located in Oriental Village. Words can’t describe the experience. It was simply breathtaking. It is steepest cable car ride on earth and takes up to 708 metres above sea level to Langkawi’s second highest peak of Mt. Machinchang 🙂 The view of the surrounding islands was simply panoramic. Great views of the hillside flora, waterfalls and occasional glimpses of the wildlife and birds. Every view from cable car was Kodak moment!!!

The mountains are calling and I must go 🙂

Those with fear of heights might little afraid of altitude. But, this ride is not worth missing, you’ll enjoy every moment 🙂

Break free-Let lose your fear

Apart from cable car ride, Oriental village has many other things to offer as well. It has other adventures, trick eye museum, food & beverage outlets, souvenir & retails stores. You can dine and enjoy food and snacks here as well.
Mangrove tour and Sky Cable Car ride must be in every wanderers diary.

Day 2– We started our day with Island Hopping. Day was rainy and windy. Perfect weather to start the day.

Island Hopping

It was again speed boat tour with a thrill-seeking captain 🙂 Tidal waves were little high. In-between tides were giving us goosebumps and speed jerks 🙂 But, every moment was worth memorable.
First we went to the Island of Pregnant Maiden. The walk to the island is uphill with climbing stairs. Once we reached the lake, it was a sight to behold. Green stunning water. The Island looks like, as if a pregnant woman was lying on her back .

Island of Pregnant Maiden
Picturesque -view worth capturing 

Next stop was Beras Basah Beach. Beautiful white sandy beach. Crystal clear water. We saw small corals as well. This was the last stop of Island hopping tour. We stayed there for an hour, perfect place for lot of photos with white sandy beach at the backdrop.

Beautiful beach
Be a mermaid 🙂

From here you can go to Seven Wells Waterfall  as well, but due to rain we dropped from our trip, better to avoid in heavy rain as rocks can be slippery.

Cenang Town

Evening we went to Cenang Town. The place was full of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops, along with picturesque beach strip. It was perfect place to hang out and eat. Beach offers many water sports for adventurous lover.

Beautiful sunset
Have some adventurous fun 🙂

We enjoyed our dinner at Yasmin Restaurant famous for its Syrian cuisine, food was very delicious, it is recommended for every tourist…

Yummy brinjal curry
Chicken kebab

We spent around 5 hours roaming, strolling, walking, eating and shopping on the streets. We enjoyed fried ice-cream 🙂

Fried ice-cream

By late night we were back to our hotel. I would recommend Island Hopping and Cenang Town visit in every traveler’s diary.
Trip was a cherishable memory to remember forever!!!
Langkawi is must place to visit once in a life time. I can definitely come again to this beautiful Fairy Island!!!

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