Singapore-Chinatown-Chinese New Year!!!

Chinese New Year most celebrated festival of the world. It celebrates the beginning of a new year on traditional Chinese Calendar. The first day of Chinese New Year begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February.

Every Chinese Year  signifies an animal. The 2019 is a “Year of Pig”. Pig is the twelfth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac sign. Pigs are diligent, compassionate, and generous. They have great concentration.

It is celebrated as National Holiday in Singapore. Whole city is beautifully decorated, especially Chinatown. 

Chinatown is decorated with colourful vibrant lanterns, along with massive statue of animal of the year. Music and dance events are organised. It’s perfect time to witness Chinese culture and get yourself photo clicked in memorable moments 🙂 🙂

New Bridge Road, Chinatown decorated with sculptured lanterns and flowers
Huge effigies “The Year of Pig” along New Bridge Road
Get your photo clicked on traditional rickshaw 🙂 
Festivity of Pagoda Street
Beautiful hanging colourful lanterns of South Bridge Road

Festival which symbolise new beginning. Festival which has major significance on Chinese culture. Watch the video to sneak peek Chinatown, Singapore celebration of Chinese New Year.


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