Simply Coffee!!!

Kick start your lazy Morning with a Cup of Coffee. Give yourself an Adrenaline Rush….Coffee is one of my favorite beverage. But, I have slightly different way of making coffee…

Here we go…..
1 tablespoon coffee powder
1 tablespoon sugar
½ teaspoon hot water
1 cup milk

Add coffee powder and sugar in a cup and pour hot water. Mix it well with spoon. Keep churning till it turns into thick paste. Once paste is ready, keep it aside…

Boil milk, add sugar as per taste. Transfer some portion of paste in your coffee mug (depends on how strong you like coffee, more paste more strong it will).Remaining paste you can keep in fridge to use later. Start pouring boiled milk in your coffee mug from little distance…

Your hot leathery coffee is ready, to give more kick you can add pinch of cocoa powder.
Listen to a song “Tere Sang Ek Simple Si Coffee Bhi Kick Deti Hai ” ♥♥ .Enjoy every sip!!!